RM123.00 - RM170.00 RM180.00 - RM227.00
Jotun Gardex Premium Semi Gloss Paint Wood And Metal Cat Besi Kayu Pintu Door Oil Base White Colour Putih Tak Kilat (5L)
Price RM123.00 - RM170.00 RM180.00 - RM227.00
Product SKU JTGS-X-05
Size (L x W x H) 19 cm x 19 cm x 25 cm
Availability 5000

Jotun Gardex Premium Gloss Paint Wood And Metal

Gardex Premium Gloss enhances the surfaces of your wood and metal projects. Express yourself through the elegant finishing of the surfaces after using Gardex Premium Gloss. Get total beauty and durability all in one finish.

Product type:    Exterior Paints
Area of use:    Doors, Frames, Trim, Window, Furniture, Ceiling

*Almost no odour during and after application 
*Drying time is optimized to ensure smooth and tough finishes every time 
*Jotun's TrueColour Technology ensures longer lasting colours 
*Prevents unsightly and harmful fungus growth 
*Protects against rust and corrosion of metal surfaces 
*100% Free from Heavy Metals 
*Widest range of Multicolor tintable colours to match your needs and imagination

Gardex Premium Gloss is a high quality enamel paint for wood and metal surfaces. It is excellent for both interior and exterior usage. With almost no odour during and after application, it provides a pleasant painting experience. It has an optimised drying time to ensure smooth and tough finishes in the shortest time possible, while Jotun's True Colour Technology delivers outstanding colours that stand the test of time.