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Jotun Jotaroof Superior Roof Protection Roof Paint Cat Bumbung (2X UV Protected) (15L)
Price RM309.00 - RM363.00 RM449.00 - RM503.00
Product SKU JTJR-C-15
Size (L x W x H) 19 cm x 19 cm x 25 cm
Availability 1599

Jotun Jotaroof Roofing Paint

Jotaroof is developed using tested and proven 100% pure acrylic formulation which delivers unrivalled durability. This formula provides superior protection to your roof; giving you peace of mind, year after year.
Jotaroof is suitable for unglazed roof tiles, clay roof tiles, cement fibre sheet, concrete, metal deck and steel roof surfaces.

Product type: 
- Exterior Paints - 2x Heat Reflective to reduce roof temperature
- 2x UV Protected Colours Anti Algae & Anti Fungal
- Energy Saving - Low Dirt Pick Up - 100% free from APEO
- Formaldehyde and Heavy Metals Green Product

Jotaroof is specially designed for roof painting. A premium quality paint that protects your roof from extreme weather conditions, fungus and algae formation, Jotaroof is perfect for roof tiles and will keep the roof of your home immaculate always.