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Jotun Jotashield Antifade New Exterior Wall Paint Cat Rumah Dinding Luar Pagar White Colour Putih Water Based (1L)
Price RM37.00 - RM50.00 RM52.00 - RM65.00
Product SKU JTJS-X-01
Size (L x W x H) 15 cm x 19 cm x 15 cm
Availability 3700

Jotun Jotashield Antifade New Exterior Wall Paint 

Jotashield AntiFade Colours offers superior protection with long-lasting beautiful colours. It is certified by external laboratories to protect your home from natural weathering and relieves you from worrying about maintenance. It is made with a wide selection of colours, carefully selected by experts to fit your choice and make your home beautiful.

Jotashield AntiFade Colours is made with Jotun Pigment Technology and hi-grade colourants to ensure your home stays protected and beautiful with long-lasting colours. Jotun Pigment Technology reduces temperature for your home by reflecting sunlight away and stops heat from building up. With the newly improved formulation, Jotashield AntiFade Colours protects your home from visible watermark and keeps it looking fresh and beautiful for a long period of time.


Product type:

*Exterior Paints
*Area of use: Wall
*8 Years Colour Performance
*Superior UV Protected Colours
*Reduces Temperature
*Anti Watermark Dirt Resistant
*Anti Algae & Anti Fungal
*Water Resistant