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Jotun Majestic Primer Water Based Interior Wall Primer Cat Undercoat Dinding Dalaman Rumah White Colour Putih (5L)
Price RM70.00 RM100.00
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Size (L x W x H) 24 cm x 24 cm x 34 cm
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Jotun Majestic Primer Water

Majestic Primer is a premium EcoHealth primer that prepares interior walls for a smooth and optimal paint application. Majestic primer has ultra low VOC, low odour and is 100% free from harmful chemicals such as APEO, formaldehyde and heavy metals. *This product is Singapore Green Label certified.

Features & Benefits : 

*100% free from APEO, Formaldehyde and Heavy Metals (base paint & colourant)
*Ultra Low VOC
*Low Odour
*Fast Drying
*Extra Protection against rust
*Improve topcoat appearance and durability

Product type: Primer
Thinner : Water