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Jotun Majestic True Beauty Sheen Premium Colour Interior Wall Paints Cat Dinding Dalam Rumah Cat Putih Kilat (1L)
Price RM35.00 - RM45.00 RM51.00 - RM61.00
Product SKU JTMTBSN-X-01
Size (L x W x H) 10 cm x 10 cm x 15 cm
Availability 4999
Jotun Majestic True Beauty Matt / Sheen Premium Colour

Blending modern sophistication and easy clean convenience the new MAJESTIC True Beauty Sheen balances the luxury finish with statement simplicity, ensuring your wall leaves a lasting impression.

Product type: Interior Paints

*True Colour Experience
*Luxurious Smooth Finish
*Superior Easy Clean
*Anti Bacteria & Anti Funga

Features and benefits :
* True Colour Experience - Deliver rich colour hues.
* Luxurious Smooth Finish - Fine quality that no others can emulate.
* Superior Easy Clean - Remove wall stains at home easily without losing its rich colour and lustre.
* EcoHealth - Free from harmful chemicals such as APEO, formaldehyde, heavy metals and has low volatile organic compound (VOC).
* Anti-Bacteria & Anti-Fungal: Prevent the spread of bacteria and growth of fungus indoors.
* Perfect Colour In 2 Coats - Gives you the perfect colour in just 2 coats of paints.
* Low Odour - Has a low odour during and after application.

Recommended use : For interior application, suitable for new buildings or repainting.
Substrate : On concrete, masonry surfaces and soft board surfaces.