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Jotun Woodshield Deck Varnish True Wood Protection Cat Syelek Kayu Shellac Kilat Gloss (1L)
Price RM44.00 - RM47.00 RM56.00 - RM59.00
Product SKU JTWDX-X-01
Size (L x W x H) 10 cm x 10 cm x 15 cm
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Jotun Woodshield Deck Varnish

Woodshield Deck penetrates deeply into wood surfaces to provide 2X longer performance compared to conventional wood finish products. Formulated with 2X UV protection, it guards wood surfaces from colour fading, cracking, peeling and erosion due to weathering. Its low odour formula gives a pleasant experience during and after painting


Woodshield Deck offers the very best protection for wood surfaces in your home. Developed for high durability and to combat the usual wear and tear as well as providing a scratch free resistant film that will protect your wooden flooring and furniture.

Suitable for exterior wood such as doors, trims. Frames. Trellis, fences, railing, roofs, windows and balconies.

- 2X Longer Performance ~ Provide protective barrier against harsh weather for longer lasting, durable wood protection.
- 2X UV Protection ~ Minimise colour fading and protection against wood crack. Peel and erosion from sunlight to save time and money on maintenance.
- Low Odour ~ Painting made pleasant, thanks to less smell during and after application.

Product type:    Exterior Paints
*Area of use:    Floor, Furniture

*Scratch Resistant
*2X UV Protection
*Fast Drying
*Low Odour
*Good Flexibility
*Anti Fungal
*Water Resistant
*Heavy Metals Free